Message from Secretary
Message from Secretary:
Palaniappa Matric Hr Sec School has a rich tradition of serving the nation in a distinguished way. I am proud to be a part of it. I am sure each individual associated with the school feels so. We immensely value our tradition, imbibe values and learn lessons from it. Human beings are meaning seekers. Only those who have the sense of history are able to go beyond it. I deem that our common history and heritage beckons us, to march forward beyond the known horizons. Let us strive towards a new future, counting on our natural talents, inner strength and trust in God. ‘We can do all things with the power of the one who strengthens us’. Hence, we march forward ‘to be a Human’, to stand up, to be counted with the noble souls. May God bless and guide all our undertakings.
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Palaniappa Matric Hr Sec School
10/215,Katchery Street,
Avinashi. 641654
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