The library provides a quiet and tranquil environment where children can come to satiate their quest for knowledge. A spacious library accommodating fifty children at a given point of time provides a conducive atmosphere for our children to quench their thirst for knowledge. The library at Palaniappa Mat Hr Sec School is a rich treasure trove of encyclopedias, illustrated dictionaries, and popular science books and they are well-stocked with classic, modern and contemporary works of literature. Moreover, there is a good collection of latest editions in career counseling, personality development which would have a major impact in kindling the interests of the students.Age appropriate books that give a face-lift to our library are a dream come true for any avid reader. The libraries also subscribe to a large number of journals and magazines to help students stay up-to-date with events from around the world as well as discover and explore new career avenues and keep readers abreast of the latest inventions and innovations.With the aim of inculcating a lifelong passion for books and knowledge, the students are encouraged to make the most of the library sessions.
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